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Metamucil ?

Can my body become dependent on Metamucil I have taken it once the stopped then was told to take it again. Then stopped then was told to take it again. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    the short answer is no.. Metamucil does not cause 'dependence' in the medical sense, but may cause dependence as a hard to get rid habit, like the habit of choosing items of a favourite colour or the habit of buying clothe with matching colours.. Metamucil is perfect for those who are unable to prepare or cook their own meals due to busy lifestyle or living in places where cooking is not allowed (a hostel or in a prison); or if you are known to have a medical illness that reduces absorption like IBD and post stomach surgery, or a specific condition such as iron deficiency anaemia IDA and osteoporosis.. otherwise, home cooking and preparing your own meals from fresh ingredients that are rich with Mucilage (that's almost all vegetables) such as Olea Vera, Okra (one of my favourites), Chinese yams, Cassava and so much more!! home cooking is 

    more superior than Metamucil.. 

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