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What can I do to safely make my Mustang ecoboost faster safely?

So I have an ecoboost. I really like the car but I want it to be faster. What can I make it faster without hurting the motor?

8 Answers

  • F
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Should have bought the V8. What were you thinking?

  • Rita
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    5 Mods to Make Your Ecoboost Mustang Faster

    Cold Air Intakes - Feeding Air into the Engine.

    Intercoolers - Your Inner Chill.

    Charge Piping - a Building Block for Power.

    Down Pipes - the Key to Turbo Performance.

    Exhausts - Performance You Can Hear.

  • 2 months ago

    There are POWER CHIPES out there, so get a CAR and DRIVER or HOT ROD magazine and check it out! You can use SPECIAL OILS like PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO that is med from NATURAL GAS and gives a warranty out to 500,000 miles. It reduces FRICTION and prolongs engien life, and SENSOR LILFE as well! Expect ZERO issues with CONVERTER and O@ sensors!>>>As godd as the MOTORCRAFT spark pklugs are, you can SAFELY install a set of DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER sprak plugs and get teh absolue MOST POWER from this SUPERB engine! ON GM cars it yields about 29% MORE POWER adn MILEAGE as AC DELCO Plugs fail in plug tests EVERY YEAR! . The FORD plugs are PROBALBY IRIDIUM already, but the DEISGIN of the DENSO is UNSURPASSED!>>>If you have about $150 or so t =o spend, go to a JUNK YARD that has SMASHED UP MERCEDES BENZ! Under the hood you will find a SPECIAL CHAMBER used to CHILL the gas for you! it is the ONLY CAR I KNOW OF where if you use the AC< you get MORE MILEAGE! The FUEL is run f]through the ICE COLD AC hose to CHILL IT and CHILLED GAS will burn more efficiently and get MORE POWER and MILEAGE!>>>just ATTACH the CHAMBER to the FUEL LINES and the AC LINES! I thought I invented this, but BENZ beat me to it! >>>>>THE IRIDIUM Lugs from DENSO are SO GOOD< that cars made to use PREMIUM can USUALLY use REGULAR from now on and SAVE ON FUEL! I used REGULAR on  my BENZ CARS made for PREMIUM and there was NO DIFFERENCE at ALL! Every little bit helps! Go to the FORD DEALERSHIP and consult with the FORD RACING catalog! WHICH ENGEIN DO YOU HAVE in here! NEVER EVER use VALVOLINE< an oil that NO FACTORY will use as it deteriroAtes and SHRIBVELS gaskets and SEALS and PCV hoses! POWER WASH your engien at a DIT CAR WASH t]with GUNK ORIGINAL ENGIEN CLEANER to keep teh engien BREATHIGN evenly! REMOVE the collection of BUGS, LEAVES< DEAD GRASS< ANIMAL droppings and NESTS< between the RADIATOR and the AC condenser! You may have to REMOVE the UPPER RADIATOR HOLD DOWN to access this area! This will improve AIR FLOW around the COOLING SYSTEM! >>>FORD did its very BEST to copy things from AUDI! The MUSTANG has the DOUBLE CONTROL ARM front and REAR suspension pioneered by AUDI! AND>>it also has a FULLY INDEPENDENT suspension like BMW< BENZ<and a few others! IT GRIPS like ROAD GLUE! FORD has done SO VERY WELL since the economy broke down, they are WAY AHEAD of GM and CHRYSLER and NOW as worthy as BENZ and BMW and AUDI< my FAVORITE! ....NEVER USE ANY ADDITIVES to the oil unless you get them from LIQUI MOLY< who ALSO makes TERRIFIC OIL for your MUSTANG! .. the LIQUI MOLY OIL is AWESOME and reduces friction as well, but only PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO and ULTRA PLATINUM have a 500,000 mile extended WARRANTY! If you can get the "0" series oils that protect the bearings at temps of 35 BELOW ZERO! You can use also MOBIL ONE synthetic 0W oil as in 0W-20 and 0W-30 and 0W-40. whichever is CLOSEST to the viscosity listed on your OIL FILLER CAP.>>>DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER using ROYAL PURPLE< it does NOT meet FORD OIL SPEC nubmers and in REALITy is JUNK! >>>BTW the PENNZOIL OIL CHANGE can last up to TWO YEARS depending upon how you drive! CHECK IT after ONE MONTH to see hwo DIRTY the oil is! CHECK EVERY MONTH to folow up! When it gets REALY DARK or REALLY THICK< it is time to CHANGE IT! Teh FIRST CHANGE  may last for ONE FULL YEAR< but check it ANYWAYS ! It is CLEANING your PISTON RINGS adn SKIRTS as your engien features OIL SPRAY JETS in it! That docus the CLEAN SYNTHETIC OIL at teh WRIST PINS and the PIR+STON SKIRTS! They are NOW as good as PORSCHE in that regard!>>>teh POWER CHIPS are the one thing you can do to improve DYNAMICS! you can go ON LINE for POWER CHIPS as well! SOME are NOT worth buying, but OTHERS realy canmake a DIFFERENCE! CONSULT with BLAUPARTS on line for more info! They MAY know more! There is also a unit you can plugin BEHIND tehFUEL PEDAL that changes the way teh FOOT PEDAL oeprates! >>>BTW< you do NOT have a "GAS" pedal; ONLY an "AIR" peddal! Your FOOT does NOT pump anything but AIR< so pumping the AIR pedal does nothing but exercise your FOOT< and that is ALL! The FUEL is injected by SENSORS and the O2 sensor and the THROTTLE BODY  and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE adjust the amount of AIR in=entering the engien! USING THE BEST OILS are CRUCIAL to engine life and LONGEVITY! VALV(OOINE is NOT used by any factory on EARTH for good reasons! IT is made r=from ASH and TAR ( comes from ASHLAND company in the SOUTH somewhere  and does NOT handle the heat of TURBO CHARGING at ALL WELL! You need oil that PREVENTS TURBO DAMAGES< and THAT is what PENNZOIL IS BEST AT!  You will NEVER have TURBO PROBELMS! >>BTW the factory fill at FORD is CONOCO PHILLIPS oil! But HEED MY ADVICE and use ONLY PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO or ULTRA PLATINUM! MY two =AUDIS were SO CELAN burning with these changes that the OIL stayed clean for at LEAST ONE FULLYEAR! The TURBOS and the OIL FEEDS and RETURN LINES never got ARTHRITIS (LOL) or developed COKE or SLUDGE! The PENZNOIL is unaffected by HEAT whatsoever ever! SAME for MOBIL ONE, but since this oil comes from NATURAL GAS< and NOT from CRUDE OIL it keeps things COOLER and CLEANER and WILL protect the pricey SENSORS and CONVERTERS on there! GODO LUCK! email me if you like at rgmuske@  I have been called BIMMER BOB,  BENZ BOB, SAAB BOB, and sometimes AUDI BOBI have 90,000 emails and my computer has ben DOWN along with my SMART PHONE now for FOUR MONTHS! DMAN technology! 

  • 2 months ago

    standard bolt-ons plus a dyno tune will really wake up turbo cars. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I kid you not-

    Look for rims and tires that fit the car that have the least amount of weight!

    It will not actually make the car go any faster, but it will go fast quicker.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sell it and get a Camaro.

  • CB
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Lose weight, you, remove, seats, spare tires, etc. 

  • 2 months ago

    You can spend lots of money on headers and free flow exhaust but you will gain very little in speed. Remember speed cost money. How fast do you want to go?

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