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why is it certain product, nobody wants to tell you the price of them?

i mean, nobody on the planet would consider buying a product without knowing what it costs. but it doesn't matter if it's a TV from Best Buy, or a central air system from a certified reseller, or a copy machine from CDW, every one of them is either "Add to your cart to see price" or "Request a quote" or "Call for price"...

geez, can't they just tell me?!? i don't want to be hounded with follow up junk mail or spammed with cold calls, or invest in their company. i just want to know a simple thing: HOW MUCH?


how am i supposed to shop around when i have to give my phone number to 50 people?

3 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    There are a few common reasons.  First is probably that the seller doesn't want you to compare prices.  They want a chance to "sell" you on their deal, or get you looking at other things they sell.

    Another is that they don't want to lose sales to "we'll beat any advertised price" sellers (who usually will "honor" that promise by charging a penny less).

    Another might be that the manufacturer of the product has a stipulation that the seller can't advertise (and often can't even sell) a product below a certain agreed retail price.

    And then some sellers might be doing just because "the other guys do it so it must be a good idea."

  • 1 month ago

    or buying clothes even...if you dont know its a pricy store. you go oh these pants feel great.  ill get 3 pairs of them only to realize they are $500 each when you get to the front.  its all a scam....

    central air lol..if you call 3 different companies you will get 3 different prices, and if you call 27 companies to install them you will get 9 different prices for each of those sub categories....some charge 2x for labor and others charge 10...  shop around

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You think that's bad, try calling the hospital and asking how much an emergency appendectomy costs.

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