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R asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 2 months ago

What will happen to martial arts movies once guys like Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, get too old to make them anymore?

Will Martial Arts/Kung Fu movies officially die to the point that they are not even show in theaters anymore?


Yes i know a lot of those legends like Segal, Van Damn, Jackie Chan etcetera are old. But what i am saying is that they are popular here in the United States and the movie industry uses tthem in movies to sell tickets regardless of thier age or skill. 

What i am basically asking is...

"Do you think kung fu movies will rarely be shown in theaters after all those legends retire?"

Update 2:

Advent Child i had never heard of Zhou Yiwei so i googled some of his movies. And after watching 1 of them i was truly dissapointed. The guy cant act well, and he is too small and skinny to be taken seriously in Kung Fu fights 🏃 👊. I dont feel like he will carry the tradition when all the old Kung Fu legends retire. But still i respect your answer and thanks for answering.

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    No, actors like Zhou Yiwei will carry on the tradition.

  • 2 months ago

    It just got too hard to take them seriously any more, like in real life would any of that really happen? Or would someone just pull out a gun and shoot them?

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Have you seen any of them lately?  I think they're already too old

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