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? asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 month ago

Why is there so much vitriolic hate for the Star Wars Prequels and George Lucas?

Please don't talk about all the flaws with the Prequels, I am already aware of them. I want to know why specifically the Star Wars Prequels themselves are hated so much compared to other movies that are terrible.

There are a bunch of other movies which are bad (and even worse) and for George Lucas himself, but I don't see the amount of hate that I see for them for other movies or directors. Is it because of the nostalgia of Star Wars? Is it because of how much of a pop-icon that Star Wars has become (More fame =  more hate)? I sense that there are legitimate people who HATE Star Wars and George Lucas for their own reasons, and then there are a bunch of people who "Jump on the bandwagon" for one reason or another. Am I correct there?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Lucas is  a  stuck up little snot.

    A friend tried to interview him; his secretary lied for Lucas and said he "was very busy, could only give you 10 minutes"

    Brad needled his ego, said how bad the prequels were, Lucas exploded, talked 30 minutes..........

    Harrison Ford was trimming hedges at what was to become  Skywalker Ranch when Lucas saw him,  and gave him his start in "American Graffiti"

    Rest is History

       REF: LIved in Sonoma Cty.17 years, everyone knew of Lucas and his estate in  Marin County. Last scene of A/G was filmed 7 miles from my rental where Frates Road nears Old Adobe. Much of it filmed in Petaluma. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I hate that he sold star wars to disney.

    The prequels were not that bad, and certainly were superior to Disney's jj abrams garbage.

    It was hated because it was so different,  and did not follow continuity.

    By the way Jar Jar is far more favorable compared to Mary Sue Rey, token Fin, or emo bad guys.

    They made the force look like a crash course in ordering a star bucks menu.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    People are disappointed more in the prequels because they're connected to Star Wars.  There were immense expectations for these movies, and while they were huge financial hits they haven't fared well critically.  If they had just been a random group of movies then people wouldn't care so much.  But they were prequels to some of the most beloved moves of all time.  People really really love Star Wars, perhaps more than any other movie franchise.  So to have the prequels be somewhat disappointing is more of a let down.  People wanted these movies to be great, like the original trilogy. 

  • Adam D
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    They took a beloved franchise, and extended it with films that were full of flaws.  Many of the negative choices they made where commercially driven, aimed at selling toys and merchandise and setting up further crappy films.  Lots of movies do this, but the prequel trilogy was brazen and blatant about it.

    It is true that the original trilogy wasn't perfect, they absolutely aren't great films.  But they are special films.  They are culturally relevant pieces of cinema, fairly unique at the time of their release, wildly popular with their target demographic. 

    Then we're 20 years further into filmmaking, think about what we've had in terms of action, adventure, and science fiction films in that intervening period.  The Terminator, Jurassic Park.  The first Matrix movie hit theaters a couple of months ahead of Episode 1.  The expectations for the prequel trilogy were sky-high, and it didn't deliver in any way.  Lucas of course catches the brunt of the blame, he was at the helm of all of this.

    If the original trilogy didn't exist, Episode 1 would have been a middle of the pack movie for the 9-12 year old demographic.  But they do exist, despite the drug-fueled efforts of many to forget them, the 70's and 80's did happen.

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  • Mike W
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The movies were disappointing.  They failed to live up to the hype.  

  • 1 month ago

    You've watched a quarterback play for minor teams and has been utterly brilliant. He gets signed for a major team, has access to the best performance coaches, equipment, and managers then has an absolute stinker of a season. Fans would be really annoyed that someone showing so much potential underperformed.

    The same is true of the prequels. The team that gave us three classic films had 20 years to get them right. Expectation was off the charts. And they blew it.

    Nothing makes people angrier than knowing that what they got was a poor imitation of what could have been. Any successful franchise has the same problem ... Alien3, Prometheus, everything after Predator 2, Die Hard 4.0 and 5, Ghostbusters reboot, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Batman and Robin, Spiderman 3, The Mummy (latest incarnation) ... all hated by fans because they were terrible and the teams involved could have done so much better.

  • 1 month ago

    You're asking me to generalize about a very wide array of opinions.  The prequels were bad movies.  What's more, the fans had high expectations for them.  Arguably unrealistically high expectations.  That letdown makes it worse than a regular bad movie because usually, people avoid bad movies.  People went to the prequels (especially the first one) in droves.

    I don't know anyone who hates Star Wars or Lucas because of the prequels.  I do know people who have given up on the franchise because of the most recent trilogy, which was far worse than the prequels.  

    But I think what ruined the prequels was that the original trilogy was a perfect blend of the things Lucas is good at, while hiding the things Lucas is bad at.  Lucas isn't a very gifted writer of plot or dialogue.  He IS brilliant at visual filmmaking, editing, and marrying his stories to themes and premises.  When he keeps his stories light and fast-moving (as they were in the original trilogy), he makes excellent movies.  

    But when he tries to write deeper content, he just doesn't have the skills for it.  The dialogue in both trilogies is AWFUL.  But in the prequels, a series about a love story and politics, the words people say are more important...and the prequels fall apart because of it.  On top of this, the attempt to turn the Force from an unexplained magic system into a science based on microbes in the blood was the kind of thing that makes you wonder if he ever even understood WHY the Force was awesome.

    Then there's the racist comic relief CG character of Jar-Jar.  The BLATANT toy and video game advertisements that feel unnecessary and out of place in the movie.  One almost expected every new vehicle to have the little "Kenner" logo on it.  He was preoccupied with the technology available to him over the basic art of just telling a good fun story.

    Lucas had his head up his own backside and wasn't listening to people on the production who tried to fix mistakes.  There's a moment caught on video where Lucas is being told by his team that Jar-Jar sucks and is going to be hated, and rather than listen to the feedback, Lucas chides them that THEY don't understand how funny and beloved Jar-Jar is going to be.

    I know I'm getting into the particulars that you said you didn't want, but my point is that these movies never FELT like Star Wars movies.  They were vaguely in the same setting, but only vaguely.  They felt instead like cheap money grabs.  They were pretty.  They launched new toy lines.  But were weak echoes of the originals.

    This made it feel like Lucas had balled up our childhoods and fed them into a woodchipper to make a cheap buck.  I know that's not true -- but it is kind of how it felt.  But I don't hate Lucas or Star Wars.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have never heard something about hatred towards George Lucas and the Star Wars prequels. Maybe you should ask this question in Star Wars fori / forums.

    But generally the prequels are regarded as weak. I only would regard Episode 1 and 2 as weak. I like Star Wars Episode 3 very much and not that far behind Episodes 4-6.

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