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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 2 months ago

Do I need to turn myself in to the police? URGENT HELP?

Hello! I need advice on if I'm overreacting or if I really did do something terrible.

One year ago I was annoyed and stressed after a lot of tension. I went to yahoo answers and asked an anonymous question and I asked "Is my SO abusive? They have anger issues" 

And in it I very much exaggerated stuff and kind of lied. My partner isn't abusive yet I asked that anyway and I feel bad. I said they never said sorry (They do say sorry.) I also said they cuss at me a ton (Also not true) and I said they refuse to talk or reply with one worded replies (Also false) 

Anyway. I deleted them. It's been a year. But I'm still worried. I feel very bad and worry that what I did is the same as false abuse claims. Is it? Or am I worried about nothing? Three people told me I did make false abuse claims and I'm unsure if I need to turn myself in.


I NEVER said they were abusive. I was ASKING if they were.

Update 2:

This was all for a story I'm writing. Thank you

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I'd just put this down to angry stupidity. A lot of us do stupid **** when we're angry. I know I have done. I wouldn't say you did anything major wrong though. You was angry at the time that you did it, and this post now, smacks of remorse. It shows you regret it. 

  • 2 months ago

    Still this immature rant keeps appearing in the cancer section where it is totally irrelevant.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Either several people have this problem OR you keep posting and reposting this.  Yes, what you did is DEFAMATION.  You went out of your way to destroy someone's reputation, and you did it deliberately.  Just so I have this straight - you "kind of lied" when you said your partner was abusive and isn't, cussed at you didn't and so forth.  That isn't "kind of lied."  That's lying.  Stop making excuses.  Yes, go to the Police Station and DEMAND to be arrested and put in jail.  Leave all of your Internet devices at home.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Turn yourself in to the local police department, preferably one without internet access. 

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