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New job search assistance ?

I'm definitely on the hunt for a new job. My current job is just ok. It has some pretty big downfalls. A very annoying pointing system that gets abused (you get points for things you aren't supposed to be pointed for), extensive overtime (including random, last second weekend work), etc. The pay is definitely not worthwhile either. With how physically demanding the jobs are and the stressful environment, we definitely deserve better pay. Our benefits are terrible too. Our insurance is despicable. We all complain about that.

So, I am wanting to find a new job. One that offers better pay, hopefully better benefits and no point system that gets abused by management. I would like to still be able to get days off though. That's important to me. I would also like to keep my day shift only gig. With my life, days are very important. I need my evenings/nights.

I have looked and funny enough, retail jobs near me pay stupid amounts... more than I make (wasn't expecting that). I don't know how retail would be with time off though. At my current job, temps are not eligible for paid time off, but they still can ask for time (it'll just be approved and unpaid). Would retail places allow this too? Like you could request a day (or week) off you need and worst case, it may just be unpaid? I do have a vacation scheduled for August and I really don't want to cancel it. Same with random days here and there.

Anyone have any advice on all this?


I also really love that I get paid every week. It is really helpful. Are there any good-paying jobs (retail included) that do weekly pay still? And what about non-retail jobs? My question is for ANY jobs (that don't require a college education)... retail or otherwise. So I am open to any suggestions.

Update 2:

Another thing I considered was a good paying job ($15.00-$17.00 an hour) and do part time if getting time off may be harder. I'd rather do full time with like 40 hours a week or really close to it... but part time may work in some aspects. To me, $15ish an hour would be great because I don't even make $14.00 right now which is BS with my job field as I said before.

Update 3:

I'm not a temp. I've been here 2+ years. Reading comprehension is not your highest skill I suppose. I was saying that where I work, even temps can fill out a paper for time off... it's just none of theirs will be paid time. I was asking if any other areas let new people or people still in their probationary period have time off (just have it be unpaid). It would be perfect if so. I could deal with it if something needed to be unpaid.

Update 4:

Our temps do not get paid time off, insurance or even paid holidays. With points, they are definitely guilty of doing stuff they aren't supposed to. They have been reported to HR for it. I haven't gone to HR for mine because I feel intimidated sadly. It isn't right. A lot of people agree with that and people have left due to it too.

Update 5:

With me, for day shift, I mean nothing after around 6:30pm. I do have a life and it isn't easy to do some of my stuff at night. So I would prefer an availability of like 6am until around 6:30pm. I wouldn't mind doing early shifts younger people/teens may hate because they want to sleep. I'd even do a 5am need be. 5am-1pm, 6am-2pm, 7am-3pm, 8am-4pm, 9am-5pm, 10am-6pm... anything along those lines would be fine.

Update 6:

As I said, I am willing to try retail since I have seen the pay has greatly increased. I am also open to non-retail options. I am good with 40 hours or a bit less. I just don't want excessive OT. I have been doing that and it sucks... especially when they randomly call it. We typically work Mon-Fri. They LOVE to call random weekends without much reason or warning... then end up sending us home because we aren't busy enough. I hate that.

Update 7:

Why would I include that info? Gee... I don't know. Maybe because it is a reference to what I want with a future job? I said it'd be ideal to have a similar set up to that at a new job. As in, even as a new person, I could still have a day off or something even if it would be unpaid at first.

Update 8:

For other info, I have actually wanted to try to find a cleaning company funny enough. I thought about trying that on my own, but it'd be even easier to do it through an already existing company. I like cleaning. I'm good at it, thorough and am good at organizing. Where can I find a good cleaning company that's hiring?

Update 9:

I'm well aware I'm an adult. I'm also intelligent enough to know there ARE jobs that don't do weekends (or at least not unless they are really busy). And I know Christmas time is busy. My job does blackout periods where no one can request time off during that designated time frame. The holiday season has a lot of that. I was asking about basic time off for general things. This was NOT specifically for retail only. I said ANY job, including retail.

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago
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    With retial, weekend work is normal as is holiday times as far as paid time off unless part of employment law and/or contract it would be TOIL time so you work additional hours and that enables leave time ( not overtime), generally if you already have a holiday booked when you are interviewed you say you are off on holiday on x date to x date and that is normally accepted... time off paid or unpaid is requested normally a written request and depend on how the company works, but in retail you will get denied days off around Christmas/New year as the shop requires staff and to be open and many will do "first come, first served" time off requests so if several people want time off in July then you need to get your request in early before anyone else does............

    You have LOTS of what you don't want to do and don't want to work.......... you need to grow up and realise that you are no longer a child and have to accept adult responsibility if you wish to earn wages

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Know your career goals. First, identify what type of career you want. ...

    Plan ahead. ...

    Get resume and cover letter help. ...

    Use all job search resources. ...

    Customize your resume. ...

    Research companies. ...

    Apply with confidence. ...

    Schedule informational interviews.

  • n2mama
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    2 months ago

    If you like cleaning, you might consider looking into sanitation work in manufacturing environments. Manufacturing work doesn’t generally require an education beyond high school and often has starting pay of at least $15/hr. And sanitation positions can be hard to fill with reliable people, as most people don’t like sanitation work. The one down side to sanitation in manufacturing is that depending on what type of facility it is, the sanitation department may work on third shift. Some places do have sanitation people on all shifts, however, so it’s worth looking into. Even if it isn’t sanitation, manufacturing could still be an option for you.

  • 2 months ago

    Have you looked for jobs on the USAJOBS website?

    Have you looked for jobs on the FEMA website?

    Have you looked for jobs on the SALESFORCE website?

    Have you looked for jobs on your state and city government websites?

    What field are you in anyway?

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  • 2 months ago

    I'm not following - you talk about being a temp, but you have already told us about your benefit program...

    == are you saying that you are a temp AND you get this stuff?  And you have the audacity to say it's CRAP??? 

    Most employees don't know what a good health insurance plan is.  They base is all on cost and that is NOT a factor to indicate if it's good or not. 

    I have never heard of temp employees being eligible for health insurance benefits. We know it's ACA compliant so it's not that crap, so if you really are a temp and you have this benefit = WOW!!!!

    You don't get to decide what makes up the "points" and neither does your supervisor.  They can't randomly give you points because they want to today. It's based on a policy.  If you don't know all the situations that you get points, you should ask your supervisor or HR for the list. 

    Yes, retail pays a lot these day.  Target & Walmart not less than $15 an hour.

    But remember = most employees are not given 40 hours a week. 

    - Walmart (and probably Target) offer insurance to all employees.  Walmart's plan is super low cost -- super low cost doesn't mean it's good.  It means that it will keep you from being bankrupt if you have major surgery or a hospitalization, but does very little for day to day health issues.

    - At my current job, temps are not eligible for paid time off, but they still can ask for time = if you tell the supervisor in advance you are usually able to get the time off, as long as you don't do this excessively.

    - When you have a vacation scheduled and considering a new job, you tell them at the time the offer is given (not during the interview and not after you start working).

    - It's unlikely that a new employee in retail will get the day shift to start.

    My reading comprehension is fine:

    " At my current job, temps are not eligible for paid time off, but they still can ask for time (it'll just be approved and unpaid)."

    - if you aren't a temp, why would you include this statement?

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