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A 2600 kg truck traveling to the north is slowed down uniformly -?

from an initial velocity of 29 m/s by a 6350 N braking force acting opposite the truck's motion.

The truck's velocity after 1.6 seconds is ______ ______.

The time is takes the truck to come to a complete stop is ______ ______.

Answer to 2 decimal places. The 2nd and 4th blank are for units.

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  • 2 months ago
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    f = ma

    a = 6350/2600 = 2.44 m/s²

    v = v₀ + at

    v = 29 + (–2.44)(1.6) = 25.1 m/s

    Equations of motion (straight line, constant acc)

    d = ½at² + v₀t + d₀

        d is displacenemt

        v₀ is initial velocity

        d₀ is initial position

    v = v₀ + at

    v² = v₀² + 2ad

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