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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 month ago

Does anyone know where to get a program that will let you freely explore the Titanic (before it sake)?

It's 2021. If they can make Sonic World (a game that lets you play as like 40 different characters, plus mods so you can add characters like Cosmo the Seedrian, and like 40 different levels, plus mods so you add levels, like Marble Zone) . . .

And I've taken 3D design at Harold Washington College in Downtown, Chicago (didn't finish the course, classes cancelled March last year, because yeah, you know why), so anyone with a computer can learn to do it;

Surely there has to be a few simulations you can buy or download that lets you freely explore the inside of Titanic (it's something I've wanted to do on a computer since I was little in 1998).


I tired googling it, but I mostly just see "explore the wreck".

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    1 month ago
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  • the point is not whether they "can " make it, the point is whether there is enough interest  in what amounts to a walking simulator through the titanic before it sank, Is such a concept going to sell enough copies to justify the enormous work and time and money it will require?,   no offense but where is the edge and excitement in that notion, other than  for historian titanic fans? you mention the totally repeat repeat repeat sonic franchise, and you consider this some kind of awesome accomplishment, clearly you havn't played video games many would consider fantasic design and creative ingenuity...

    The best titanic game is yes a shipwreck game, why?, well because that is what is more unique about her hiistory, ie that the ship went down on her maiden voyage and that she was declared unsinkable, and carried less lifeboats then she should have....and that is what is significant about this tragedy and that is what generations should not be allowed to forget..

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