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can I pierce with a 14g needle for 16g jewellery?

I'm going to pierce my own septum since none of the parlours are open and I really want a septum! Don't worry, I've done extensive research, but I can't really find any easy to digest info on home piercing and what gauges to use etc. 

I do have 16g needles, I just feel that 1) it would be easier to get the jewellery in and 2) it would give the hole more space to heal. Please let me know which gauge size I should use. 


Btw I ONLY have the jewellery that I want to use in 16g

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    This is a really bad idea. Like, REALLY bad. Also, you've done "extensive research" but failed to even read or notice that piercing with a bigger needle and using smaller jewelry will cause insane bleeding? You're an idiot.

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