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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsCell Phones & Plans · 2 months ago

What is the point of a micro sd card in a phone if it doesnt allow you to download games on it?

I put my micro sd card in my phone but I cant download any games from the play store on it. The most I can do is transfer some files over but the bulk of the game still sits in my phones internal storage. Is there any point in having a micro sd card for a phone if you're only going to use it to play games?

2 Answers

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    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    To store pictures, video and other files. Some phones allow storage of apps on them, some don't.

  • 2 months ago

    I think you answered your own question. If your phone will not let you transfer games to the SD card and that is what you need the SD card for, then there isn't much of a point.

    But many people store photos, video, music, maps, etc on the SD card. These things can take a up a huge amount of room (especially video). The Galaxy s20 for example can accept an SD drive up to 1TB (but I don't think the S21 has an SD drive) which is usually a cheap way to expand storage on a phone. For example, an extra 128GB on an iPhone 12 is +$100. A 512GB SD card is around $70.

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