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Why does my girlfriend have a cold sore?

So we were kissing last week and a few days later she told me she had a cold sore and told me that it was from me. I never had a cold sore before and was confused she blamed me for it. I know for a fact it wasn’t from me because I would of had a cold sore. Could there be any other possibilities on how she got it?

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    1 month ago

    Sure, she slobbed the gob of a guy with genital herpes.

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    Possibly she has had cold sores before and does not understand how they work.

    A cold sore is from a chronic herpes simplex infection.  You can have it with no symptoms at all, but it may still be hiding in your nervous system.  

    So, if she has had one before, this is from the same infection.  

    Now, you might have the virus too, and never have had an outbreak; but if so, you wouldn't be spreading it.  

    I have never had a cold sore before, but I got one recently [I'm 73] and I haven't been kissing anybody or sharing food.  So I probably had the infection all these years and didn't have any symptoms.  Now I'm taking Lysine to fight it back into dormancy.   There are soothing remedies, but Lysine is the one that works systemically and actually helps it go dormant again.  

    What causes an outbreak?  It's not clear, but presumably something stimulates it or the immune system slips up somehow.  

  • Yes, cold sores aren't always passed through kissing a significant other or by having sex. Cold sores are more likely to be transmitted through kissing on the mouth, then through being intimate with some one. 

    Cold sores are often transmitted during child hood by being innocently kissed by a close friend or family member. She could have had them since she was a child. Some people get cold sores when they're younger, they have a few break outs then they don't have another until they get older. Some people get cold sores with out having any signs or symptoms of them.Don't kiss her on the mouth or let her give you oral sex, until the sore is completely gone. There are also over the counter remedies that she can use, to help heal the cold sore. 

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    1 month ago

    Cold sores are usually caused by the herpes type 1 virus (HSV1). A huge majority of people have this virus on their mouth and never know it. It’s extremely common. Many people get it as kids from kissing or sharing drinks. Most people have no sores. If there’s ever an actual sore, don’t kiss anyone and definitely don’t perform oral sex on anyone. It can still spread when there’s no sores, but far less likely. There’s no way to know where your gf cold sore came from. It could be from you, or she could have had the virus for years with no sores. It’s also possible that it’s not actually a cold sore, and just something similar. You’ll never know, but don’t kiss her until it’s completely gone. 

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    1 month ago

    i get those myself and i never even kissed a guy

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