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Is there any manager or supervisior who can guide me about rights on probation periods?

I started working 1 month ago in spa company.1 lady(working since 9 years there)was moving to night shift as team lead from morning shift.when I started she put me on cleaning of spa another lady was working on her place as assembler.After 2 days of my joining that another lady made excuse of cervical problem and English problem and wanted to come to my place and send me on assembly.I refused.. these 2 ladies talked to supervisior and sent me on assembly. I started working on assembly.. after 2 days that lady who’s working there since 9 years complained about me to supervisor that I don’t know how to put the trim on spa.supervisior asked me how long I will learn to put the trim on?I said I am working since 2 days.I need at least a week to learn things.After a week that lady moved to night shift.Now I have learnt whole things and became expert in assembly within month.That lady now wants to come back in my shift because she didn’t like night shift. Supervisior said she will come back.Now I am worried she will come back at my place because she was doing assembly before and they will put me as a helper on cleaning and assembly as well. Now my question is they already changed my place 2 times.Can I go to Hr to talk about my replacement, because they didn’t hire me as a helper?Supervisior is also on their side,he became supervisior 3 months before.he is doing partiality and only listen to these ladies. Now I am worried he will put me as a helper there


It’s all because happening because of the lady who moved to night shift they hired me at her place in morning. Now she is coming back in morning

Update 2:

Everyone now trust me that I am a hard worker, because I have learnt everything so quickly.Even I’ve proved that lady wrong that she complained to supervisior on 2nd day of my training

3 Answers

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You've been there a month.  You don't have any rights. You'll do what they tell you to do or quit.

  • Judy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The supervisor can assign you to do whatever they want to, during probation period or later.

  • 1 month ago

    You are an employee.  You work on what the company needs you to work on - always, not just during probation.

    You don't have "a" place. You haven't even worked a month.

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