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how can you survive the world now?

there is so much happening now, out there, a lot of chaos, a lot of people 'creating problems'- its fairly easy to get sidetracked with your plans and intentions now..

i'm a christian male in my forties and i just want to better myself and try to do good, but that is a big challenge now....i get a lot of times now when i feel disheartened, discouraged and deterred.

does anyone have any advice? - i also deal with mental health problems and diabetes type 2.

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  • Hope!
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    1 month ago
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    Oh, I have sooo much to say on this topic! 

    As a fellow Christian, I can relate! New things throw me for a loop, and at the beginning of the 'pandemic' I walked around stunned most of the time. :-) Then there has  also have periodic times when I am discouraged and down.. but I know the solution, now.. Draw close to God! Get up early in the day (this is important), and pray. Put Him first! Ask Him to direct you with His counsel.  If you have trouble praying, then read the bible and you will find something to pray about from that.. for eg. something might remind you of a sin you need to repent of - then you can pray and repent. Or maybe you will read something, feel assured and then can pray out of gratitude. I truly think that we need to stay positive in this time, and TRUST God.. our confidence in Him grows as we spend time with Him. It is during prayer that God speaks to you, gives you peace.. don't pray much and the discouragement comes.. When I start to feel slightly discouraged, I know that this is God calling me to Himself - and so I go and pray. I think God is giving us this time to draw closer to Him - we can't use the excuse that we are too busy now :-) And I am doing my best to develop a closer relationship with Him - to use this time wisely! Read inspiring/informative books - that encourage you.. For eg. I am reading a book right now on prayer, which is excellent - the complete works of E.M. Bounds - who was a great man of prayer.. it's available on kindle for $1.66! :-) When I am down, I read psalm 37, psalm 27 and psalm 16.. they fill me with hope! On youtube there are so many great videos to watch - here is my favorite of all, remember that God is still in control, He is still on the throne, He is watching and seeing ALL that is going on, and we are to serve Him as best we can until He calls us home.. Jesus Christ said about the end times, that we are to WATCH - he didn't mean to watch world events, He meant to watch your spiritual self - watch to make sure sin doesn't creep in, watch to make sure laziness doesn't creep in.. Do a study of the bible - see what God expects, and give Him your best.. God doesn't like lukewarm Christians.. :-) If I can be of any further source of encouragement, email me at Don't forget other Christians! We might not be going to church, but we are a family and others need you to encourage them, help them.. we are to love God, and others.. we are the hands and feet of Christ.. find a way to serve others..  You are not here, at this time in history, for no reason - we were MADE for such a time as this!! Please pray for us all.. God says that your prayers are powerful and effective - it doesn't matter if it doesn't feel like they are :-) God SAYS they are.. and so we need to pray for this sad, sick world.. Take care and be encouraged! We have a great and glorious future ahead of us! 

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