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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 2 months ago

Free speech as the protection and propagation of truth. Am I missing any key mechanisms from the ones listed in the description below?

The RIGHT to freely exchange and evaluate possibly-true hypotheses (free speech) keeps the access open to everyone.

This is propagated to citizens by HIGHER EDUCATION as premium institutions for rationality 

KNOWLEDGE is dependant on this free flow, and is best used to make societies prosper

All of this is safeguarded from tyrannical lies by way of DEMOCRATIC voting


@Hope!, you’re quite right that I wasn’t clear about higher education’s role. In principle, its ideal role is as a premium institution for rationality, where students are ‘taught the ropes’ of truth-seeking. Universities depend on free speech to do this. Unfortunately, and I agree with you, they’re heavily censored at the moment and thus not achieving their ideal role.

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  • j153e
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    The doctrine of "hate speech" often dishonors and limits freedom of speech.  (E.g. many speakers' talks cancelled at unis, deplatformed from social media, etc.) 

    Examination of hypotheses is significantly limited under such doctrinaire conditions, notably at universities.

    Critical race theory is a current example of how political and social correctness intimidates and throttles the rather tenuous link between uni dogmatism and the public, as such info is only selectively publicized by "media."

    Knowledge that creates expanding prosperity is primarily scientific:  physics, chemistry, biomedical, engineering, and programming.  Other "knowledge" such as crit race theory is primarily propaganda using selective, unproven hypotheses.

    The so-called "safeguard" of voting is limited when:  media propagandizes, attacks, and suppresses information (e.g. Hunter Biden laptop news qua recorded audio talking of close and lucrative ties to PRC officials); social media use search term algorithms, shadow-banning, etc.; and especially when election integrity is compromised by fraud.  As Mr. Stalin said, it doesn't matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes.  An idealist system such as outlined in your question is historically and presently seriously corrupted and corruptible; suggest researching in Peter Schweizer's very well-researched and not seriously challenged "Profiles in Corruption."  Accurate, hence the only alternative beside banning it as hate speech was to ignore it by non-interviewing (previous best-selling books by this author were regularly profiled, as their content was much more favorable to politically-correctly biased narratives).

     p.s.  For those who are blessed and able to think clearly (as contrasted with angry criticality), an understated fact:  merit-based behavior depends in good part on the conduct and effort of each individual.  If low-scoring American blacks are your focus of concern, teach better reading and maths skills--like those taught universally in Ghana, Singapore, Argentina, and Scotland--rather than prating about "Jew privilege" or "Confucian privilege," etc.  An excerpt from an Asian American group pushing back on the unfair notion of "equal outcomes = equal justice" ("garbage in, garbage out" is often more accurate, and more fair to those who are consumers of supposedly merit-based labor): 

  • Hope!
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I agree with you that free speech is vital.. I don't really understand what you are saying about higher education - are you saying that universities promote free speech? If that is the case, I completely disagree.. they shut down free speech. Take the eg. of the right to life - prolife issues are shut down at universities - you can't sit quietly at a booth, with a sign that is bigger than a postcard - at least here in Canada.. and the prolife groups are told they can't meet in public.. you might offend someone, who thinks killing your own child is a good idea.. 

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