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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 2 months ago

Why won't she leave me alone!?

I have a toxic friend, and recently I just realized that she isn't the best choice for me. When I say "toxic" I don't mean some rude words and a bit of manipulation. I mean full on gossiper, drama queen, cant-shut-up-about-me, 100% manipulator, liar, and a horrible person. I stopped talking to her and i tried my best to be as dry as possible toward her but it isn't working. She still is gossiping about me behind my back and she still is trying to convince everyone that i'm "obsessed" with her. She texted my friend and asked him to create an alt account, text ME, and then spread rumors about me.  A lot of people hate her and she has done so many things that are horrible and I'm surprised karma hasn't hit her yet. She always has friends who edit disgusting texts about me saying extremely racial and rude words, and she just laughs along. 99% of the drama I get into is between me and her.

What can I do to get her to shut up about me and what can I do to help her into being a better person?



i just found out im in the wrong category sorry

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  • 2 months ago
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    You can't make help her be a better person, only she can help herself, she'll never change unless she wants to. She's a nasty venomous snake that you need to stay away from. Don't let her faze you, avoid her as much as possible, cut her off social media and if your other friends believe whatever she says about you and turn on you, they aren't real friends. True friends will always stick by your side and never leave, that's how you know who your real friends are. Let her see that she doesn't affect you, don't let her see that what she does affects you, because if you do, she's going to continue so let her see you going on with your normal life and like nothing she does affects you, that is the best slap you can give her. Don't worry, karma will get to her eventually, you say a lot of people hate her already, don't worry the people she meets will eventually know her true colors one way or another and no guys will want to continue dating her when they find out the kind of person she is and she will lose many friends because she's ugly on the inside even if she might be physically attractive. She's a horrible person who likes to pleasure herself by making everyone else suffer, she obviously has some issues with herself that she doesn't want to accept and is insecure and miserable so she takes it out on everyone else including you. Avoid her and anyone else who believes false things about you, you just be you, you don't need any one like her in your life. She's a poison, do you really want a poison in your life?

  • 2 months ago

    She will not change, but you can. Cut her out of your life.

    You may think she is getting away free...but she isn't.

  • 2 months ago

    Don't participate in her drama... when you do, you're giving her what she wants  from you -- to be upset and to have a negative reaction.  It actually  makes her happy.  

    Ignore her.  When you don't you're just giving her fuel to continue.  Those who know you well already realize she's making up stories about you.  

    Move forward with life.  You're stagnating by paying any attention to her behavior.  

  • 2 months ago

    Your note implies that you are not leaving HER alone either. I would suggest you simply do just that. Eliminate her from your life as much as is possible to do so. You are not in charge of what sort of a person she is choosing to be. Be in charge of yourself. Just cease to engage with her in any fashion. 

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  • Maxi
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    2 months ago

    Whats it got to do with personal finance?

  • 2 months ago

    She's not a friend... Nor does it seem she wants to be a better person. So don't get involved. 

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