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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

How can I get an old unhappy memory that has been stuck in my mind for several months off my mind?  I am getting tired of thinking about it!?

An unhappy memory from my childhood has gotten back in my mind and I am struggling to get it off my mind.

Even though it happened over 36 years ago, I am re-living it with very vivid details. I am 16 years old, & we are at my grandmother’s house picking-up my grandfathers old Ford truck for mom to use. While my 14 year old sister was changing to her bathing suit, mom got the truck keys & unlocked the passenger side door & told me to get in the middle seat & buckle-up. A few minutes later, my sister got in the passenger seat while mom locked-up the house. As mom walked to the truck, she saw my grandparents neighbor and went over to talk to her for several minutes while me & my sister had to wait in the truck. Finally mom got in & sat down in the driver seat. She spent several minutes trying to start the truck but can’t get it to start. Eventually, she had to give up when the battery went dead.

I know this was a minor and unconsequential event in my life. I think the reason it is so unpleasant is because I am re living it as a 16 year old boy when I was embarrassed about having to ride between my mom and younger sister; resented that mom had the control to tell me where to sit in the truck/when to get in/when to buckle; mad that mom made me and my sister wait when she talked to the neighbor; & frustrated that after the long wait the truck wouldn’t start.

Hoping others can give me advice on how I can deal with this memory and move it back to the back of my mind.

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