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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 2 months ago

Does is you have Aspergers did you have problems with losing things like a wallet?

I'm Aspie from Poland and lost my wallet with my "identity Card" (it's like Ruskies had Internal Passport and Yankiee had their American Social Security Card") :-)

Pardon i didn't want insult anyone just being comedic help my with stress :-(

I lost my Polish Identity Card, MasterCard Payment Card, Monthly ticket for my city Buss, tram and trains, zoo pass, library cards, and cards to SELLGORS  cash & carry wholestore where individual private polish citizens can also go store if I we had this card.

I am pissed off by the thought that I will have to make all the documents again, take selfies for my ID card and city card again

It would be 6 ID cards that I would have to obtain within 10 years, every Pole over 18 must have this document, as well as young people over 14 if they plan to visit another country in the Schengen area :-)

Now I will have to reserve the old ID card in the interbank database at the Polish national bank "restricted documents" so that banks have my old ID tagged as a lost/stolen document because the ID card can be used to extort credit :-(

My friend, who, like me, has a gentle Asperger, persuaded me to get a European Union Passport (Passport of the Republic of Poland), I told him why I need a passport, I can't afford to travel outside the EU anyway (Anyway, now there is a damn covid closed borders: )) although I got the passport in 2017, my friend told me that the passport can be used instead of an ID card, so I have a backup ID

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  • 2 months ago
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    OP Anonymous -    Wrong category.  

    Your friend is correct:  Your passport can be used instead of an ID card, as a “backup ID”.   

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