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If someone trolls or stops my overnight position application because of something or what not what can do ?

See I'm trying but then got a message gor that that etc . I tried that etc . I think someone is trolling that thing 

I tried whole foods etc just wanted time etc .but got something like in email unrelated response. I was try overnight for start etc..


I did this a month ago etc so I feel someone is trolling 

Update 2:

Not you .just it was one application like I applied and got a response for lab etc like it was surreal 

Update 3:

It was whole food application etc 

Update 4:

Anyways I be quiet 

2 Answers

  • You seam to have no idea how getting a job works. It's not always trolling and it's not always easy to get a job. 

    Also stop using etc unless you know what it means. If you're using etc on an application, or giving them you're too personal life story on a resume or application, you probably won't get the job. They want to know about your skills, work experience and education... you can write a cover letter if you want to that tells them why you want the job, what skills and experience you have that can help you get it.Your application may not get through to the next steps for a number of reasons. You're not using terminology that is unprofessional, or you don't have the right experience, or they think you won't fit in. You have to follow up with your applications. A few days after you apply (if you're allowed to) give them a phone call. Let them know you applied for a job, and ask them if they would be willing to interview you. Why would any one troll your applications, if there wasn't any thing in it for them to do so.... You will probably get rejected a few times, that happens. That can be demoralizing but, move on to other prospective employers.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes, I troll all your job applications. Nevermind that I don't know you and there is nothing in it for me.

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