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Do you think that people who have concerts and records out are treated differently or viewed differently than people who busk?

I feel that I possibly have made an observation that status or rank makes a difference in the music industry, no matter how good someone sounds. Like for example a person who is really good that does only busking I feel is treated or viewed differently than someone who is really good as well, but has a more "formal" look of concerts and CD's out. I also think if someone performs locally vs. internationally, 

they get viewed different as well. 

Like for example with music celebrities, paparazzi and people follow them around, and they act like they're special or different. I have a friend who is really, really good at playing and writing her own music, and she has only done busking locally so far. She sometimes feels that people are interested in her music, but other times act like she doesn't exist or there's nothing interesting about her or her music. When people act the latter way, she feels really sad and like something is wrong with her. My friend wants to pursue a music career, with records out of her songs and concerts. She is afraid she won't have any fans or followers, or not many, although she is really good. I think she's going to quit the idea of pursuing a music career, and its sad cause I know she wants to do it really badly.

Anyways, do you think people who have a more "formal" career of playing concerts and recording their music, are treated and viewed differently than people who only busk, even if both sound very good?

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  • Tony B
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    2 months ago
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    Of course they are viewed and treated differently. They are different.

    The people who perform in concert and have records released are generally professional musicians or at the very least people who have a reasonable following. People have to pay to see them in concert or, supposedly, to hear their music. They would generally have links with other people in the “music industry” - composers, arrangers, producers, managers, promoters, agents, record labels etc.

    There are exceptions but generally buskers perform free of charge to passers by. They rely on people who perhaps have never seen them before, giving money. In many cases they “do” something else - they might be students for example or have “day jobs”.

    The ability and the enjoyment provided by the two groups isn't an issue. There are plenty of people who never perform in front of any kind of audience or release any recordings who are as good as any professional musician.

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