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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 2 months ago

If downdrafts from  elevated  thunderstorms  are moving  at 40 mph and hit a stable layer of very cool air and the net is 10 mph will it?

reach the surface or get incorporated  in the easterly surface flow.? So if the east winds at the surface  from the pressure gradient  are 10 mph does it mean 20 mph winds from the east eventhough the storms are moving in from the west? Or  is it from the west at 10 mph since the storms are moving west to east.. how can those  downdrafts even penatrate that stable layer if with east winds at the surface. Winds  could be high from the east. Do they just cancel out and the winds are calm. I've seen winds up to 50 mph  from the west

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