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Finding music video ?

okay, i have been wanting to find a music video/ song but I cannot remember it. i only know what happens in the music video.

when I saw this music video it was between 2017-19.

the singers were titled something like; 'lil' or 'kid' I could be wrong.

what happened in the video:

it started off as a red or orange roofless car stopping as steam comes from the front of it. two guys come out and one of the guy's is the main focus as he is singing for the most part while the other runs around and eventually rides a bicycle.

they seem to be walking towards or a in a town. i am pretty sure the main guy has a vacation shirt and a red bucket hat with sunglasses. 

the lyircs sounds like they're repeated constantly (I think).

i would be so glad if anyone could find the song and the singers

thank you

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