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Kindred asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 2 months ago

What is the purpose of longing? ?

Philosophically is it a motivator toward a more perfect state, a craving for justice, desire for what will not be.  


Help me understand why we do it. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    If longing even has a purpose, an assumption you make without providing supporting evidence, then its purpose would be survival. It could be hypothesized, for example, that longing, whether it be for a mate, a friend, a community, etc., is the result of natural selection as having a mate, friend, community, etc. increases one's likelihood to survive and propagate. Conversely, it could be hypothesized that those who do not experience longing become less likely to survive because of no urge to join with others as remaining alone reduces the likelihood to survive and propagate.

    On your assumption without providing supporting evidence, assuming a thing has purpose without any evidence that such purpose exists is an extremely common false assumption human beings make, which is hypothesized to be the result of humans evolving through natural selection to use tools and increasingly use tools. The hypothesis is that through natural selection, coding in human DNA has evolved that has increasingly programmed a behavior in humans to look at everything in their environment and seek out its usefulness as a tool through an underlying instinctual assumption that all things serve some purpose. This extends not to just things but also to one another and is hypothesized by anthropologists to be the reason every human society ever known to exist and in existence today values humans based on what purpose they serve (i.e., what work they do and what purpose it fulfills for society) and to be the reason every human society ever known to exist and in existence today has religion, all religion being based on a prevailing human assumption that is so ubiquitous it can only be instinctual that human life serves some purpose, so based on that false assumption that all things serve a purpose and that that purpose was assigned by someone or someones, just like humans assign purpose to things, even by humans' creator or creators, just like humans assign purpose to their creations, and in the absence of any such creator someone or someones assigning a purpose to human life being physically present, the human, instinctual, unfounded assumption that all things serve a purpose gave rise to religion and the belief in creator gods assigning purpose to human life and giving human life value when humans fulfill the purpose of their human life and giving no value when humans fail to fulfill the purpose of their human life, whatever purpose assigned varying somewhat from religion to religion, from society to society, but generally purpose that serves or served increasing the society's survival (i.e., "the greater good").

  • j153e
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Longing ~ feeling, imagining ~ thinking.

    Both are aspects of projective planning.

    If projective planning is the top of a balance, longing and thinking are its balance scales.

    More intent = more energy onto scales.  A balance of energy as longing and as thinking significantly helps bring planning to fruition. 

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