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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

Is it possible to have selective ADHD (inattentive type)?

Person is an adult with a 6 figure job, million dollars+ in assets.  He lives alone When it comes to certain topics, he remembers everything (ie client info for work down to minute details like the amount a contract is worth, what is owed etc or anything sports related).

But common everyday things, he doesn't notice or forgets.

For example, his TV broke.  I pointed out the red light was blinking 6 times and told him that would be an error code.  He called a repair place the next day and when the guy asked him how many times the light was blinking, he didn't have a clue.  He didn't even remember me telling him after I reminded him.  Similar things have happened a lot.

And it's not just with me.  He goes to a couple stores in a strip mall.  There are a total of 10 stores in that lot.  He had no idea there was a Walmart there....which is directly across from the one store he goes to about 1x/month.

There is an intersection he drove through at least 1x/week.....never had any idea there was a large grocery store there.  Even after I told him 2x.  A while later he needed something his regular store did not have...i told him to try the other store, and he had no clue it was there.  There would be times he would be stopped at the light and the store is in front of him...and he doesn't notice it's there.


he's not impulsive and doesn't 'lose himself' in desired activities.

Update 2:

there is no indication of autism, early onset dementia

Update 3:

he had near 4.0 (almost all A's) in high school and its not like he was just good at limited subjects.  He had the ability to excel in all classes.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    ADHD is a neurological illness and it is not intermittent.

    Your friend only notices and focusses on what he chooses to.  Obviously, some things are just not important to him and so those things really don't register.

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