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Will digital technology increase my risk of cancer ?

There was one week in the last few months where I used my cell phone for over 11 hours a day surfing the internet and reading kindle books

My charger is next to my bed so I fall asleep charging my cell phone which I know is supposed to be bad for you

And in the past I would lie in bed while using it but now I try to use my phone sitting down or standing up to prevent bodily decay from physical inactivity 

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  • 2 months ago
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    No. There are three ways they can be bad:

    Hitting yourself with them or dropping them on yourself.

    Eating them.

    Getting eyestrain from bad reading positions or lighting.

    With any normal sane person, only the third is an actual possibility & its nothing to do with "technology", it applies equally to books etc.

    (Though charging things on a soft surface that can trap heat is not a good idea, it may shorten the battery life if the item gets warm or hot because of it).

    Ignore the conspiracy nutters, none of them have any scientific knowledge or they would know the claims they make are stupid.

    [Radio & electronics designer and programmer for around 50 years].

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