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Anonymous asked in SportsRunning · 2 months ago

Will running at 6:20/km easy pace with a heart rate of 165-175bpm be aerobically beneficial or should I be running even slower?

I can sustain semi-conversational pace of 6:20/km with some easy-moderate effort. However this equates to a heart rate of Zone 4. 

Should I ignore the heart rate and continue running by 'easy' feel or should I be running even slower to get better aerobic gains in the long run? i.e. what if I ran 6:40/km at around 155-165bpm? Or does it not matter too much?

I really do prefer running at the slightly quicker pace as it still doesn't feel too overstraining but a heart rate of 170bpm is still fairly high. Is it possible that I naturally have a higher heart rate? Or still quite unfit? I believe my maximum is around 200-205bpm. 

I am 19 and an amateur runner. 

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