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what can i do about this internet/computer privacy issue?

i have a windows 7 desktop computer, and i got a surprise before when i right clicked on a google chrome webpage and one of the options it presented was ' send link to ravenhills iphone'.

that is my iphone se that i bought in 2017, but how has my desktop computer or google chrome got information and my name from my iphone se?

i did install the google chrome app recently on my iphone, could that be the reason why i'm seeing that information on my desktop computer or in google chrome on my desktop?

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  • 1 month ago
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    If you use an Android phone with the same Google account for the app store, or log in to a google account via Chrome on any two or more devices, it can sync your favourites/bookmarks and passwords between them.

    Being a programmer with many computers I find it extremely useful. It's not a privacy issue as you must be logged in to the correct google account for it to do anything, and logged in to the phone at that side of things; there are multiple layers of protection.

    It's also sensible, it does not sync all your desktop bookmarks to the phone, the phone ones are separate in the "mobile bookmarks" folder, if you want to transfer them either way.

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