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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceDream Interpretation · 2 months ago

what does my dream about me killing another version of me mean? ?

ok so this is going to be kind of confusing to follow but here it goes, so last night i had a dream where i was in my bathroom and i was watching a video over conspiracy theories, the video was talking about how if you look into a mirror and do a certain thing a “clone” of you will appear behind you in the mirror and it will crawl through and try to kill you. so in the dream i stood in front of my mirror and just stood there. i remember thinking that it wasn’t real and i’ll be fine. but i than noticed a clone of me behind me in the mirror and got so terrified so i left. i ran to my brothers room in the dream because i felt so shaken i needed to be somewhere where there was people, so i sat in there for awhile sitting in the floor feeling a bit better like i maybe it was just a hallucination, but then the clone of me opened the door crawling to me. it kept making these terrifying sounds. i cried so much and i remember my brothers screaming and asking what that thing was. i remember getting so angry so i got up and grabbed the clone of me and started immediately choking it with my hands around it’s neck, i remember breaking its neck with such force, and even after i knew it was dead i just kept going. i had so much blood on my hands by the end of it. i remember walking into my brothers restroom and turned on the shower and getting completely naked. i stepped into the shower and watched the blood run off me and into the drain. what does this dream mean? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    you mean look in the mirror and do crack cocaine, meth?  

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