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About my mobile phone. I am a Newby. A Lite user. I want to only use it at home on WiFi?

I can’t find a way to switch the other network off. It is an Alcatel 1. In settings-networks etc, WiFi is on, but also when I look top right on the status bar so 

is the network symbol. In settings there is no on off switch it simply tells me the name of the provider. Am I trying to do something stupid?

I have no interest in the ph. I only need it for OTPs.


In the status bar the WiFi symbol shows but also, the network data symbol is there too. I want help to switch off the network so I can rely entirely on WiFi.

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  • 1 month ago
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    You can enable Airplane mode. This will turn off the cell, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radios. However, you can still turn on Wi-Fi.

    Alternatively, most Android phones should have a way to turn off the mobile data. It may be a different procedure on different phones. On my OnePlus 8 Pro, its in Settings>Wi-Fi and Network>SIM & Network>Mobile data> turn off

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