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blacksilk79 asked in PetsDogs · 1 month ago

Does anyone know where or best way to purchase a miniature/ toy dog?


@Aged Kiwi Your answer is ridiculous. If smart enough, should be able to recognize the intention of the question is implied and therefore should be able to answer if able and willing. I stopped reading that piece of garbage after the first two sentences. There's no need for me to give out specifics unless requested. Obviously, something is wrong with you mentally to reply in such a manner as if God.

Update 2:

@Aged Kiwi, I was only seeking generalities. Not a damn lesson or lecture from experts. If you know, obviously implied meaning to explain. If do not know, run along also implied meaning. Basically, for any owners of small dogs, how did you purchase your dog - a pet store, a friend, a website, a shelter, or so on? A simple reference would suffice like website addresses or reputable breeders name. 

Update 3:

Any target of this question would know how to answer --- regular people. You do not fit the target audience so maybe you should have just needed to move along.

Update 4:

To tell the truth, I only posted the question to test some functionality but maybe gain some information in the process.

5 Answers

  • Sparky
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Adopt from a shelter and save a life

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes.  You choose a breed which the AKC recognizes, and then you search out a PROFESSIONAL BREEDER and arrange to make the purchase.  Which breed are you seeking?

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    AMEN, to everything Verulam said.  The problem is still COVID - as very few (key word *REPUTABLE*) breeders are producing puppies and that is also true in the USA and Canada, too.  They do not want to invite anyone into their HOMES (another key word) where most litters are raised & (accidentally) invite in Covid.  In many places, only seniors (65+) & essential workers have gotten vaccines & it VARIES WIDELY... as to how well vaccination has been handled.  In another few months it will improve and breeding will resume, so you should not be discouraged, from starting now.

    Adoption of adult dogs is also just as hard hit.  For a year, shelters and breed specific rescues have been largely empty (due to so many people being LOCKED-IN and wanting canine companionship) and having the TIME to house and/or crate train, a new dog.

    I do encourage you to take some breed selection tests to DECIDE on a breed or to narrow it down (and then do more research and/or start talking to breeders you find thru the National breed club).  If you want a miniature or toy, ONLY select such that comes in that size, per the breed standard.  No breed comes in a TEACUP = (that is produced by a **reputable** breeder).  Once you have decided on a breed, then start getting on waiting lists for a litter from breeders you have interviewed & found suitable or who live close enough to you to visit or to pick the puppy up from.  I DO NOT advocate flying a puppy ANYWHERE, if you can possibly avoid it.

    Look for those breeders doing health screening tests to avoid producing inherited health problems common in your breed - who will provide the results to you or direct you to where you can SEE the results posted (like the OFA website for: hips, eyes, thyroid, etc.)  Each parent club WILL OUTLINE the health issues (& testing recommended.)   

    Look for those breeders offering a WRITTEN health guarantee, and those with good references =(parent club, local breed club, or local all-breed kennel club and vets)  I do not think anyone REPUTABLE would require you to return a sick or defective puppy - for a refund, if your vet finds a health issue. (If you want to return said puppy fine) but is often a CLEVER WAY to stick you with an expensive sick dog - once you are attached.  The vet's word (by phone) or written findings should be ENOUGH proof of any congenital defects, for a refund.  

    Ideally if hips, eyes or low thyroid are problems in the breed, they should be "covered" by guarantee = for up to the TWO YEARS required, for base-line testing. If you are NOT specifically buying a puppy for showing or to breed, then a spay/neuter contract is STANDARD.  Pet quality is NOT usually "breeding quality" but are just as loving and wonderful.

  • 1 month ago

    First pick your breed, and then, via the relevant Breed Club, your breeder.    And then go visit, once this is possible (Covid 19).   In the UK at any rate, now is NOT the time to buy a puppy /adult of any breed because reputable breeders have cut back their breeding programmes leaving the field open to Greeders with their hugely inflated prices.

    Only buy a 'miniature' any-breed, if that's within the Breed Standard.   Tiny dogs tend not to live for very long, and again are only produced by Greeders because they know there is a market for them.   Sadly.

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  • 1 month ago

    Depends on how much money you have to spend.  BYBers sell very poor quality dogs & are much cheaper than ones from a reputable breeder.  From hundreds to Thousands of dollars.  Anything you find online is a BYBer or Puppy Mill.  To contact a reputable breeder you can contact the National Breed Club for that breed & they can steer you to a reputable breeder in your state.

    You can google 'small breed rescues in your state', you did not specify if you wanted a puppy or an adult.  You can adopt a small breed from pounds, shelters or specific rescues.

    You didn't say if you have small children that could harm a small breed dog.  Small children don't realize their strength & can seriously harm a small dog or kill it if there is not any supervision.

    If you are just looking for a pet, the BYBers & Puppy Mills would be okay but you cannot breed them.

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