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Is this part of bipolar or something else (and don't worry, I am talking to an actual sr about this next time, too)?

Whenever I'm in an immensely high stress situation (usually helping my disabled mom, but theres beem othee instances to where Ill hold myself together and then loose it at hime)... I literally break down and loose control of my personality. My focus gets immensely worse (Im already ADHD), I feel a mix between on edge, and spacey, I start breaking out in spontaneous noise and songs, or having conversations with myself, or I start stimming. I start noticing rhe weirded details like cracks in the walls or lines on the wood in furniture.  I break out between random laugh or tears, and sometimes both at tye same time. And the thing is, I know I know all this is happening, or things like conversation arent real, but I can shut it off. Then my mother will snap that Im acting like that on purpose, or say that its her fault Im that way.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That sounds like a manic episode. They can be induced by stress.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nobody as ADHD it is a fake condition the drug companies made-up, when they came up with a drug and not use for it!  So they made up this fake condition!  When doctors are wanting to falsely label people with their ADHD the drug companies pay them extra money!   Any doctor that is willing to label anyone with ADHD is Criminal! Leave him or her!

    Bipolar is an inherited physical condition when the brain cannot absorb the nutrition it needs. Are you being given the very potential vitamins? Or the drug that cannot help at all?  Do you have the necessary gene needed to get it?  There is a psychological with the same symptoms that is curable with talking to an expert. Borderline Personality Disorder. Psychologists are better; they do not prescribe drugs. Just cure them verbally! 

    You can pray to God for help also. 

    Source(s): DHC... News reports.
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