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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 2 months ago

Is it okay for a creator/ maker to try on product they are selling?

If a small business owner works selling their earring and necklace designs, is it alright for them to try them on first to make sure they for correctly and look properly when assembled? All earrings are sanitized with isopropyl alcohol before shipping out.


(PS— lots of love, I hope you’re doing well during these times! Thank you for your time. ❤️ )

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  • 2 months ago
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    Short answer for this: yes, absolutely and pretty much essential. Necklace stands are nice for shop displays and photos but you need to try something one to ensure it lays in the right place on the human body. Best example: focal point pendants. One that too long can lay directly in the cleavage and nobody wants that. A pendant on a too short chain can choke a person. And both will look like the perfect length when draped on a necklace form. If you use bead wire then you need to make sure there's no sharp wire pokeys jabbing the skin. Same with earrings. They need to be tried on to ensure they aren't too heavy for the ears. I use natural stones in my pieces and I always need to test for weight.  One note:sanitize ear wires after trying them in the ear -which you already know. 

    See my profile picture of an amethyst point? I made that. I sell jewelry too. I try everything on for the reasons you stated.

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