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How likely is it this person just wants to marry for U. S Citizenship?

I just started online dating, and, obviously you really have to vet people. Lately (for a few days) I've been talking to a really lovely Cuban guy. Everything is fine, except I worry He might just be looking for a  way to be a Citizen. He has a green card currently, and plans to get His citizenship in two years. Advice?  

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  • Maxi
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    2 months ago
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    "I just started online dating, and, obviously you really have to vet people" So you are online chatting, you have no idea if the stranger you are chatting to is nice or not, telling the truth or not or even where they really live or not, or if they are a criminal or not...... and YA Q&A is not a way to 'vet' these strangers...reality is anyone who is online chatting and  'wants to marry' should be a big red flag as no real marriage is decided from online chatting is nor is if you are still 'chatting' in 2 yrs time and have met this person several times in real life, spent time in person with them and they  get the citizenship they tell you they are applying for or can show proof of their green card then you will know something about the person and that they are being truthful.'marriage' doesn't mean they 'get citizenship' it means the US spouse has to be in a position to financially sponsor them and financially support them to qualify and apply for a spousal visa..'if' they have a green card they do not need that financial sponsorship

  • 2 months ago

    If he's already got a green card, residency and a route to citizenship, it seems unlikely.

  • 2 months ago

    Not very, since marriage isn't a way to become a citizen.  It's a way to get a visa and eventually a green card, but he's already passed that stage.  Now that he has a green card, he can become a citizen after leaving in the U.S. for the required number of years with the green card, without needing to marry anyone.

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