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Pawel asked in Cars & TransportationAircraft · 2 months ago

Could Pilots use their native language when communicating with ATC when you flying in your countries ?

Using languages ​​other than Aviation English, I wonder if pilots can use their native languages, e.g. Polish, German, Italian etc.

For example, I am a Pole, once on Polish YouTube I saw videos of young pilots, basically children, Polish teenagers learning to fly on gliders, how a flight controller asks such a kid in Polish, my native language Confirm the view of the landing field, and this kid the landing field in sight (saying it in a broken voice as if before mutation, and full of excitation), and as he lands.

I fly on flight simulators, on the Microsoft Flight Simulator flight simulator from the MFS98 version :-)

but it does not fly on the keyboard :-)

Once I read an article (in Polish) gliders! air sports for everyone, apparently the costs are not high, my mother (my mum died in 2017:-( ) mentioned that during communism there was no freedom, but at least there were free flying lessons, sports for everyone, but required rigorous medical examination, but my mum was not do it because she was afraid of flying, that in communist Poland was airman day, a holiday that commemorated the creation of Polish Airforce anyone could fly airplan for very small fee, that was plane like this one

I'm 35 years  old and have Asperger's my mum once said she doubt that ULC that is like American FAA would allow my to fly even if have suppe good communctaion skill as someone with ASD :/


1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    No.   By international agreement all air traffic control is to be done in English. 

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