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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceSpecial Education · 2 months ago

Could someone on Autistic Spectrum Disorders or ADHD be pilot as in hold medical certificate, for a pilot license in your countries?

What do you think about people with neurodevelopmental disorders like Asperger's Syndrome (nowadays ASD (Autistic Disorder) or ADH, I only have ASD

I am Polish and I live in Poland, my mother sent me to such a behavioural therapy centre every year, the lady who ran it was probably the so-called Polish national consultant in the field of ADHD and Autism, for my mother the most important thing was that this summer-winter camp was completely free because it was financed for free from the central budget of Poland for health care, by the so-called NFZ (National Health Fund) and this centre was a reference centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences for medical doctors specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry (pediatric psychiatry) and for students of psychology, this lady the doctor who led it was a member of some international medical bodies such as the entire WHO, including American psychological organizations, she was invited to America for lectures, probably American was a shame, after all, we Poles are dumb, and we even had a Polish Pope xD

more context here

BTW I think that guy is Aspie too and yet he is a pilot and programmer ;-)

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD is unlikely to be able to pass the piloting exams -- for safety reasons, there are no special provisions make on those for individuals with disabilities.  Autism is potentially not a disqualification -- and the usual exams will still have to be passed

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