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I don't have any malice it's really emotional thing how to be assertive ?

I have to escape I'm sorry for everything but I have the skills I have the determination I just have to leave escape . I always felt bad about this . Nothing enjoy please how to be more convincing I really am a quiet person . I gave up stuff etc 


Please I have to escape that I have to escape in nice . I just want to close that thing for good . I'm begging you please can someone give advice how to ..

Like I'm leaving that for good . For once I want to live my life !!!!

Update 2:

Nothing to troll about please . No one know the stuff okay Iever since I failed long back everyone say less than etc so please 

That why wanted to leave I don't want all this fancy stuff . Please how to be assertive .

It's is do or die for me really emotional thing 

Update 3:

Now I'm ready to leave everything !!!!!!!!! Only I was in this control like thing . Please thanks 

I got hurt by guy also because I didn't want to be married etc just with him smart etc so please not troll that 

Update 4:

Still don't want any fancy stuff I'm asking like nicely how to be more assertive . I just want simple life stop it I had enough all this people etc 

Update 5:

Like once I leave I leave for good etc doesn't mean not nice etc just mean new life etc ... I'm really need advice thanks 

Update 6:

Even in emotion I always talk and praise my family etc if you notice . That why I'm not say bad etc 

Update 7:

I always mention them so how can troll if make so emotional that stuff . Even in beg I mentioned them etc . So it doesn't mean leave it just mean live life that what meant 

Just nice simple stuff . I had no malice in that

Update 8:

What person does that etc thinking so much high things of family etc so I don't hate then etc 

Just saying etc I not have malicious intent etc 

Nothing enjoy etc who would mention that stuff 

Update 9:

Please it really is overwhelming that what I'm trying to say all this stuff is too much etc that why I be quiet I want to forget all that escape etc 

Update 10:

I really quiet just have to leave that etc escape for once etc 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Having malice has nothing at all with being assertive.

    However after reading your entire post twice:

    You are seriously insane or you are an AI...that is seriously insane.

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