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On Android 10, how to stop apps reloading if they had been minimised? They all keep reloading fresh to their opening page. Very annoying!?

I have an app open, I then need to use another app, so the first gets minimised, but when I come back to it (after minimising or closing the second app), it will redraw and I lose the page I was on. How do I disable this annoying thing on Android 10? Anyone know the correct setting?

Please help, I can't use or login to new apps with email login links because it kills the page I was on and puts the app back to it's first page. :(


My phone has plenty of RAM (4Gb) and also plenty of storage space (64Gb). I have background apps disabled and no data running in the background either. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    My guess is your phone has a small amount of memory and android is killing background processes.  You can go into developer options and I increase background processes and uncheck don't keep activities. 

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