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Is UK one of thenonly world countries where someone might be convicted of a crime because if people hear about it on the news they might be ?

influenced to copy it, or might be offended

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    1 month ago
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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No? Copy cat crimes happen all the time, what are you talking about.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Can you be more specific about what you have in mind? I'll try to answer but your meaning is not obvious.

    If I go naked in the supermarket or outside a school, I can be prosecuted for behaviour that is likely to cause shock or alarm, even though it is not illegal to be naked in England. It depends on the context of where I do it. I am sure that is true in many countries.

    If you are thinking about so called 'hate crime', that is a real mess because a hate crime is committed if you say anything, no matter how innocently, that frightens or causes offence to to anyone with a 'protected characteristic', which tends to be related to skin colour, religion, sexual preference or gender identity. A straight white male atheist cannot claim a hate crime against them as none of that is a protected characteristic.

    It can be a criminal offence to incite someone else to commit an offence. That is true in many countries. Even though the person doing the inciting did not commit the crime, the act of inciting others to do it can be illegal.

    The fact that someone might copy something reported on the news does not make it a crime.

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