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I really want to put cheats in my game console. Is there any way I can? ?

So I have a Jakks Pacific Sat Wars Millenium Falcon console (2006). Its a retro game console that you plug in the tv and play. Is there a way if I play a game I can somehow code it so I can have infinite lives or other cheats I can program into the game system? How must that be done? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, there's generally no way to do so in your case... mostly for the follow reasons.

    1) The "console" you're referring to is a plug-n-play micro-console -- Plug-n-Play micro-consoles are generally self-contained units that can be battery operated & using minimal composite video connections that have been heavily depreciated (in favor of HDMI) nowadays.

    2) Plug-n-Play micro-consoles are typically hard-coded -- There's not a lot of flexibility in these micro-consoles in terms of modification & usually have set ROM chips.

    3) There's generally NO VIABLE EXPLOITS to break into the game for modification -- Without physically hacking into the console, the only options to exploit would be the power input.  Since this was battery-operated (w/ an AC adapter option), there's no option here.

    4) There's NO INTEREST IN MODDING such a micro-console -- Such Plug-n-Play micro-consoles made by Jakks Pacific at the time were typically low-end consoles & treated as toys (as department stores like Walmart & Target sells them in the toy department) instead of electronics.  As such, the majority of gamers didn't bother to go after them.

    Unless you're willing to risk destroying your micro-console in an attempt to reverse-engineer it & have technical knowledge in computer & electrical engineering... you're unlikely going to succeed.

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