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Why is there so many new streaming services? Especially now now during a Pandemic?

At first it was just Netflix and Hulu which is how it should be, now its Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, AMC Plus, Discovery Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO MAX plus, and im sure there will be more to follow. People who are not forced to work out side and work from indoors get joy during the Pandemic with TV because well lets  face it its the only thing we can do right now other than work if were lucky enough to have a job.  All these streaming services tbh they sound great, with extra features and added content. But During the Pandemic i feel it was just the wrong time to start this movement. Everyone is trying to cash in right now and taking advantage of people being restricted to their homes. I feel like gradually there going to take away all the programs and everything will just be +. Why should we pay for something that we could have already watched for free. I think the idea is cool, but completely the wrong time to do it. We should still be able to watch for free like we use to but join the + sites if we want extra content.

2 Answers

  • chorle
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    entertainment companies are constantly looking for new ways of soaking the public for every last dime.

  • 1 month ago

    Because business see a profit in the services especially with theaters remaining closed in many places.

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