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I'm 16 and want to replace my very out-of-date tech My mom can't afford to help pay, so how can I save some money and work to reach my goal?

I'm wanting to replace my old 2009 desktop, 3rd gen iPad, and moto g phone with a Macbook, iPad, and iPhone (plus Logic Pro) to streamline my music production and communication. I have a part time job and make about $50 a week due to low hours. 


I need a Mac for logic Pro, which is why I don't want another Windows computer. 

3 Answers

  • Lv 7
    1 month ago

    become a stripper. they get big tips.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Let's take this one at a time. You can probably get a new phone by switching carriers to one that offers a new Iphone with a new line.  Talk to your Mom about that.  Many times, when signing up for a new line, you get the new phone either free or discounted payments.  

    Next, the Ipad.  3rd Generation is still pretty good.  Current generation is 8, but improvements made may not be worth the expense. AND you could easily sell that one for a couple hundred bucks.  

    Lastly, MacBook. Ok, so you WANT a Mac. They cost a lot.  Always have.  Now, I also see that you want it for Logic Pro. Is there a Logic Pro for Windows?

    Short answer, no. At this time Logic Pro X is only available for Macs and you will likely need a newer Mac to run the most recent version. Ah, but Can YOU Install Logic Pro X for Windows?  Not directly, (obvs) but you could install Mac OSX on a virtual machine running in Windows, then install Logic Pro X in Windows after that. Not recommended at all, but it might give you an idea whether it's worth while buying a Mac in the first place.  Not saying this is the answer, but wanted to give you the long and the short of it all. 

  • 1 month ago

    dont get a macbook get windows. a good macbook would cost over 1k, but i built my PC for 700 and it is *chefs kiss*

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