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I was taken to E.R. while in city jail who is responsiable  for the bill?

i was sentenced 10 days for not complying with drug court according to the judge i went to the drug court everytime i had a appoiment but i could not pay for the cost plus i was on medication that i could not just stop taking because the court refferall officer told me to. All my meds. are prescribed by a licenced doctor. while i was in jail they would not give me all my medications that was on the list i provided the nurse. one of the meds.they would give me that was on the list was a med. given to me to slow heart rate during a panitc attack when needed i tried to explain this to the nurse but she told me i was mistaken it was given to me for blood pressure and i was to take 1 to 2 capsules at bedtime i told her again i havent taken the med. maybe a handfull of times since i been prescribed it.. I was given 2 capsules midday by the nurse and she said that would be my dosage for the day by suppertime i was already feeling sick the jailer brings 2 more with my dinner tray and makes me take them in front of him because i told him i done taken it. less than a hour or around that i went to the restroom across the cell and blacked out twice. resulting in ambulance coming .when they found me i had done lost color even in my lips and was barely breathing with a heart rate well below well as pulse rate and oxegen im being billed for ambulance and hospital visit. Is the city not responsible for the bills not me?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    for short stays, it may be different...if you have insurance I would think your insurance could be billed...

    you have a case to sue them for improper care at the jail....but they can afford good lawyers...

  • 2 months ago

    stanley:   YOU are.   

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