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Medical help!?

So it’s too much of a long story to go into details but, I’m 26, suffer greatly from depression and anxiety had two hip ops on the same hip two years apart, was bed bound for the better part of 6 years, I finally got out of bed, I was on, and still am on very strong opiates.

 I’m battling all sides to heal myself IE; chiropractor, cbt, my doctor. I’m still in constant pain every day all day, I wake up, go about my day, go to sleep and get woken up all in PAIN!! It’s truly a miserable existence.

My pain is in my neck, the middle of my back and slightly to the right, the bottom of my back constantly crunches and the top of my thighs always hurt and so on. I have ongoing medical issues like suddenly dropping 8st in under 3 months, severe acid reflux that pours out of my nose and mouth when very bad, constant nausea and vomiting and there is so much more. 

If you find yourself really wanting to help me then firstly thank you and secondly If you need more information I can edit my question to answer yours, just remember to check the answer for the updated version. 😊 Please no hate or mocking, I’m asking for help as it’s been two years of trying to get stronger and I feel weaker than ever and more Ill, so I would appreciate not hateful comments.

1- if I have Hyperalgesia from using opiates for so long, how do I know for sure? Also how can I stop it from happening? 2- can anybody say they have been through similar and if so how did you overcome it or learn how to cope? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Hon, first off, I am sorry that you are in so much pain.  It is unfair for someone so young to go through that.  You need to find a new doctor who will work with you.  This is the only way to find out exactly what's going on in your body.  Blood works can help tell if you are reacting badly to your meds...this is something that needs to be assessed for sure.  Opiates can cause all sorts of problems over time, including bone pains, acid reflux, etc.  You have the right to a proper diagnosis and good medical care...please seek out a gastroenterologist and a new primary care doctor.  Take care.

  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Nothing similar except prolonged period of pain.  Mine was neurological and didn't have a fixable cause, so after the beginning,  a neurologist became moot.

    I remained with my hepatologist and my primary,  but neither could really help me.   Over the years,  I learned that learning is the best medicine.   I discovered that regular exercise alleviated most of the pain, so I became a gym rat.  My workouts weren't about bulking but focused on strength and endurance. 

    After the year and a half that it took to relearn how to walk, I began walking my dog first 1/4mi, then 1/2mi, and so on until we were walking 6-7mi a day.

    What truly trumped everything was the beginning of everything called physical therapy.   In it, I learned how to exercise correctly,  test myself correctly and do my own recovery (still not done 9 years later) as I was initially told by a nurse that you only get out of therapy what you put in. 

    So PT should be your priority because once you have remastered the essentials,  you can move on and start addressing other problems with a chance of success. 

    You sound as if you had a bad surgery.   Biomechanics are incredibly important and if your pelvis is out of whack, it'll affect nearly everything North of there.

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