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sussy asked in HealthOther - Health · 2 months ago

Please help with health problem!!!!!!?

It’s been a long and very tiring feeling sick for months 

It started with nausea here and there to everyday to starting on ppi and it worked and I came off of them

In 4 weeks 

Stomach pains on left side that were there everyday for a month and went away . 

Then weight loss out of nowhere 

My body doesn’t look the same 

They told me I have h pylori did the treatment for 2 weeks barley did it . Stopped the treatment and now I have nausea again ???? Everyday ??? Why 

Within those months I’ve done 

Ct of abdomen 

Endoscopy, colonoscopy , 


Blood work 


I’m so lost and I can’t take feeling sick anymore someone please help me what happened to me I’m hopeless 

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