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What TV show has a cryptid investigation team based in Loch Ness?

TBH I only saw the show once, but it was very good. I'm pretty sure it was on the travel channel. The episode I saw they were investigating werewolves. one case was in Great Britain the other was in Brazil. I believe the team tries to find proof to debunk cryptids finding a logical explanation. EG. the "werewolf" in Great Britain was actually probably a Chinese Water Deer while the one in Brazil was possibly just a maned wolf. Oddly enough in both places they described a creature with red fur and a pungent smell. I find that interesting because I haven't really heard of a werewolf with red hair 


The team just happens to be based in Loch Ness, but they investigate all sorts of different cryptids around the my knowledge. As I said, the one episode I saw they were investigating werewolves. I guess for a little more info, one of the team members was an older man with white hair and a long beard who staid home and did research while the other person was a blond man who went out and did the investigating reporting back saying something like locals see beast with red hair

Update 2:

to be a little more clear, after the blond man reports back to HQ saying something like "locals hear a strange sound, smell a pungent odor, and some have seen a beast with long red hair" the person with the beard does research and says they could be seeing some animal that actually exists  

Update 3:

the creature it could actually be is often common in the area, but little is known about it

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    I have seen a dozen or more of these "investigations" of Loch Ness,  and after 2 hours of pure drivel, they always find jack diddley squat. 

    some old sunken model from some movie set at the most.---if even that. 

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