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Should I quit my job after 2 months? ?

I currently work at a restaurant since last summer as a job for my gap year. However since lockdown in January ( I live in UK) i have struggled with mental health and decided to get a job at a hospital in the kitchen, I started last week. The job itself is okay, however I don’t fit in with the people well and it’s a 1 hour bus commute there and back. I am stuck on what to do when my restaurant job opens back up in May. I have already told my old boss that I will be coming back to my old job however i know i will feel guilty and will be unsure of what reason to give my new job for quitting after 2 months. To clarify, I love my old job and was devastated when we closed- I have made good connections and it’s a chilled place. It’s also much closer than my hospital job. However the pay at the hospital is much better and they offer better benefits. I will feel bad for stitching up my old job and new job alike. I would keep the 2 jobs but with the lack of full driving license due to my driving test continually getting moved,  commuting between the 2 (which are an hour apart by bus) would be difficult. Advice please? 

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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago
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    There are thousands unemployed here you will be replaced in days. As you are going to Uni, take whatever makes you happy.


  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you really need the extra money and you're liking the better benefits, it might be worth it to try and make this job work.  However, if the extra money isn't an issue, and you'd rather have more time (vs. the hour long commute), you'll be happier if you go back to the old job.  Just tell your current employer that you had no idea your old job would open back up, and that you feel you're a better fit there.  Employees come and go all the time, so don't feel guilty about leaving.

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