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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 2 months ago

How can i make sure this cat gets to safety?

My cousin who lives with me has a bad track record with cats and drugs. She has never been able to safely take care of a cat. It always ends up getting taken/given away, or sick. My sister and me each have a rescue from her. My cat has brain damage from being left inside her apartment while she was bug-bombing, and living without steady cat food for nearly a year, and eating dog food instead. My sisters cat is aggressive, and the vet says he might have to go on medicine because he just cant calm down-hes also stunted since she had him from a kitten, he never grew full size. She has another cat now-another cat that IM taking care of while shes out doing drugs for days/weeks at a time. Im also going to have to pay to get this cat spayed because shes scent marking(peeing everywhere)  and yowling at all hours. Apparently two days ago, she went and did drugs in the same room as the cat. We dont know a full list of what drugs, but meth is on the list. Ever since this the cat has been acting differently, and vomited up food. I looked after the cat and made sure she drank and got better since i couldnt get her to a vet. Im now watching her while cousins out, hopefully at rehab this time. Im not sure she ever took this cat to the vet, but if she did it was right when she first got her. Is there a legal way i can take ownership of the cat so i can get her into a vet, get her spayed, make sure she never gets exposed to these drugs again. Ect? The cats almost a year old. 

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