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diva asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 2 months ago

Can you describe this person especially in romantic relationship?

Sun Leo 8° 47' in house 2 

Moon Capricorn 21° 30' in house 7 Mercury Cancer 20° 3' in house 1 Venus Gemini 28° 56' in house 12 Mars Virgo 23° 7' in house 3 Jupiter Libra 9° 45' in house 4 Saturn Aquarius 28° 20' in house 9 Uranus Capricorn 19° 26' in house 7 Neptune Capricorn 19° 14' in house 7 Pluto Scorpio 22° 43' in house 5 Ascendant Cancer 11° 39' in house 1 

1 Answer

  • GibBas
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    I think you could write a whole book on this person showing all possibilities of how things could have worked out romantically so far. 

    They have Cancer rising, ruled by the Moon which is in their 7th house of partnerships and meeting people in one to one situations and it's conjunct Uranus and Neptune. I think it would be very interesting to find out just what their relationship is/was with their mother, or mother figure in their life because this directly has influenced their whole approach to life in general as well as their relationships with other people. They have Mercury exactly opposite the triple conjunction so they "may" be gifted in distorting reality with some really radical ideas - a unique mind maybe. The thing is though, Venus is in a strong trine aspect to Saturn which can be very controlling, or even blocking Venus's roads so their Moon would then be needed to take over in relationships but they're likely to be very loyal when in any relationship, even though Venus is in Gemini and in their 12th house. Saturn is in Aquarius and Venus is in Gemini so adds to their need for space in relationships. Venus is square to Mars, which is the focal point of a small triangular aspect configuration of Mercury, Mars and Pluto. giving possible needs to be in control, or at least, think they are. Mars is then in a trine aspect to the Moon, Uranus and Neptune conjunctions. 

    I think this person's relationships could be quite "interesting" one way or another.

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