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Would this have been me if I was indoctrinated/instructed on English grammar?

A person who dresses like a flamboyant male, gets a decent haircut, hangs out with likeminded guys and girls, shops in the city and goes to university. Hobbies include PC building. DSLR photography, and coninued education in English grammar and other studies. I feel like this is something I couldn’t t be because my teachers refused to indoctrinate me with the English grammar. I would feel completely broken down from being that person if that’s the case where I couldn’t be that person due to the lack of grammar indoctrination

Also, is it true that once you are indoctrinated with the English grammar, you  never want to stop learning it? 

Is it true the others who were indoctrinated with the English grammar will tend to help out another with his/her grammar  who was indoctrinated with it, but is somewhat forgetting the rules. 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    One is not 'indoctrinated' in grammar; one is educated in grammar.  And learning grammar does not necessarily have any effect on how you dress or wear your hair, or who you hang out with, where you shop, or whether or not you go to college--although of course it can affect your opportunities to go to college.  It COULD play a part in such effects, but they wouldn't be due to the learning of grammar per se.

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