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Pawel asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 months ago

What do you think about the American presence of American troops in Poland and the Baltic States, does President Biden would uphold?

Uphold NATO commitment that to Poland and Baltic states in case of Putler (Putin) attack?

What do you think about the American presence of American troops in Poland and the Baltic States, or what do you think the Americans will protect Eastern Europe?

Confederation (a grouping of right-wing parties, including the extreme right, but also liberals who demand full legalization of marijuana, and attention to legalization of registered same-sex relationships, because the state should not be interested in who is ******* with whom (unless they are animals and children) and extreme of the right hand which claims that the Catholic Church is the most important social institution in Poland) they chose the name of the union confederation because it is associated with the Bar Confederation from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the rebellion of the rich nobility against the influence of the Russian Empire by King Stanisław Pońiatowski, the lover of Catherine II and also because she the name could be associated with the Confederation of States of America (sic!)

And the name Federation could be associated with the United Planet Federation from Star Trek (i.e. globalism and socialism = communism) (I just love Star Treke there, I also have homosexual tendencies, and in the new star trek there is a gay officer, Commander Paul Stamets, my namesake because I my name is Paweł or Paul ;-)

sorry for my English


How do they want to stab Bankster Matusz Morawicki, a legal knife on his throat, because they say that he has connections with the financial group of the Rothschild Clan :-)

By introducing a state of emergency, they want to make a legal lockdown, and after controlling the "Chinese flu" virus, as they call COVID-19, introduce in Poland Direct Democracies similar to the Swiss one, the far-right part of the Confederation is the rules of qOnan lovers (It's about QAnonna) I call them QOnan xD

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